A journey becomes magical when it concentrates shamanic, therapeutic, cultural and natural contents within an unlikely short amount of time

 Being initiated to the great wisdom of mankind, to an enhanced state of perception and to the red path of native Americans is not exclusive to a few chosen ones any more. The new age allows every one who seeks the path to be able to access these precious gifts. Amauta Katari works as a bridge to facilitate this initiation to those who seek it. This is his first invitation to journey to the most propitious place to carry it out: the heart of mother earth.

 “To journey” has taken a new meaning. To experience the depths of the self, of culture and of mother earth is a necessity inherent to all of those searching for the true meaning of “journey”. Amauta Katari has searched for this journey for fourteen years, has now found it and can now offer it to you: the magical initiation journey to the heart of the south

To the heart of the earth
 Today, energy seeks balance and the feminine side becomes strong again. The feminine spiritual centre of the American continent is in Bolivia. Mother earth has made the call to reactivate this spiritual and energetic centre  Amauta Katari has heard the call and now fulfils his mission: to take you there.

  • The journey   a detailed description of how the journey develops
  • Is unique       discover what makes this journey unique and unrepeatable
  • Know more    information & pictures of the places we visit in the journey
  • Details           prices, what to bring, what's included

 Date of journey: September 5th, 2013
Reservation closes July 10th.

Custom dates available
for groups of 5 to 9 persons