Is unique

What makes this journey unique.

Waking up the feminine spiritual center. The Abya Yala (American) continent works as a hermaphrodite body with a masculine side to the north and a feminine side to the south joined by a sensually thin waist. Each landmass has its own energetic and spiritual center, in the masculine side it’s Teotihuacan in Mexico and on the southern feminine side it’s Tiwanaku in Bolivia. A call has been made by the feminine side and by mother earth to humanity to visit and reactivate the feminine energies in her spiritual center; as it must be done equally within each one of us. This initiation journey is the answer to that call.

Personal transformation. Initiation Journey. Today we encounter many different doorways to effectuate profound changes and transformations in ourselves. While all of them are effective, Amauta Katari has envisioned that the best way to carry out a deep transformational ceremony and shamanic workshop is by doing it in sacred power places deep in nature. While Amauta Katari has workgroups and carries out shamanic workshops in cities in Mexico, he deeply believes in the greater power and impact it can have to carry out these workshops in power places deep in nature. It is not the same to assist to a weekend workshop worried about pending things to do when you go back to work on Monday, than taking a whole month, traveling thousands of miles away from your familiar circle and deepening into the most remote places on the earth to carry out your shamanic transformation workshop. This is exactly what Amauta Katari has planned and wants to offer to you in this journey, a true and deep transformational opportunity.

Vision Quest. We are using this name to call the Achuma and Ayahuasca ceremonies that will allow us to have visions. Many people are in a search for the meaning of their lives and of their destiny. Workshops, meditation and physical activities like yoga can be very helpful in finding this meaning.  The quest for a life changing vision can sometimes take years to occur. It is known that power plants can be helpful in achieving these visions, that they act as great teachers, but this is not always true. Nowadays, there are persons that take power plants from their places to distant cities where they know people will be attracted to consuming them. They organize ceremonies most of the time with sincere and good intentions. To some it is helpful, and they receive the visions that they yearned. But others remain somewhat empty in regards of the experience of the power plant ceremony. In the worse cases instead of learning positive lessons, some are self-deceived into a path of madness. This is because plant’s spirits are part of the environment they live in. Many times it is not only the plant that acts as a great teacher, but the natural environment where it grows that has a lot to teach as well. This is why Amauta recommends that if you’re planning to take a power plant to receive a vision or a lesson, to do it in the place where it naturally grows and better yet under a ceremony where you show your respect and preparation for having that vision.

            The initiation journey to the heart of the south is precisely the opportunity to travel to the places where the following great plant teachers grow and exist:
Achuma is a cactus that grows in the Andes. The Achuma ceremony is done on the Island of the sun, next to the sacred rock, in Titicaca Lake; possibly the most powerful single spot on the whole Andes Mountains; and the ceremony is carried out by an Aymara Native.
Ayahuasca is a vine that grows in some places in the Amazon. The Ayahuasca ceremony is done in a cabin close to the Wizard Mountain, the spiritual genesis center for the Tacana-Araona natives of the amazon and mecca for Ayahuasca spiritual people; and the ceremony is carried out by an expert Ayahuasca medicine man of the Tacana native group.  

Healing of body and soul.  Being on a spiritual path means not only receiving spiritual lessons and healing, but also receiving healing for your physical body. The initiation journey to the heart of the south is a wholesome healing experience where the body is not left out. This is where the great Kayawalla native medicine man Mario comes in. He will give each one of the participants a medicinal appointment where with the help of coca leaf readings will know what physical and spiritual disturbances occur to you. The day after we will travel to his community, where he has all the means available to carry out a complete healing therapy that includes treating the body with medicinal plants, treating the spirit with ritual baths, and calling the attention of the spirits of the mountains so that you will be well regarded and gifted with good luck and good health.   

Adventure in nature.  The journey has been designed in a way that healing, initiation and spiritualism are not the only attractive things about it. The places that will be visited are on a wilderness seeker perspective the best off the beaten course natural highlights that exist in the world. Cultural immersions and fun activities compliment the journey.

Perfect balance in tourism operation. The physical and spiritual exigency of the journey is perfectly balanced with resting time and comfort provided throughout the trip. All physical matters are considered, like not doing many activities the first days of arrival to high altitude and meals rich in proteins. In the amazon a hotel with a pool makes adapting to the heat easier and meals turn more vitamin and water rich. In between long nature expeditions, whole day resting and contemplation days are assigned in comfortable hotels. During the amazon expeditions a cook and two native guides accompany the group so that we are very well fed and comfortable at every moment even when we’re deep in the jungle.

In benefit of the native community. The economic funds generated by the tour are equally distributed with all the participants in it, most of them of native origin. The indigenous communities we visit receive a monetary contribution for each visitor. To practice native spirituality and culture with tourism strengthens cultural and spiritual values in the individuals, communities and indigenous groups we visit and work with.