Amauta Katari’s intention is to offer an authentic shamanic initiation and healing opportunity. For this reason the group size is limited to nine participants.

Absolutely all-inclusive program
Designed to reflect Bolivian hospitality. 

Double room (per person): $4,'00

$150 per day 

Single room:  $4,200

What’s included
·                     17 nights in three star boutique hotels
·                     7 nights in fully set, comfortable camping sites, with air mattresses, ambience lights inside the tents and other necessary camping equipment.
·                     5 nights in a shared cabin in Madidi National Park
·                     All meals. Complete breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
·                     Two luxury dinners at fancy restaurants with everything included
·                     Entertainment night at traditional “boca y sapo” bar with first round of drinks included
·                     Some intermediate meals, coffee breaks, snacks, water and beverages
·                     Private transportation to all places that include air, land and river transport
·                     All entrances to archaeological zones, museums and national Parks.
·                     Necessary goods for ritual offerings (in Bolivia they are very elaborate and costly)
·                     Fair payments to tourism guides, tour assistant, carriers, cooks, healers and shamans.
·                     A Zip-line canopy tour
·                     Shamanic transformation workshop
·                     An Achuma vision ceremony and an Ayahuasca vision ceremony.
·                     A personal astrological and cosmological profile and interpretation by Amauta Katari
·                     A private healing appointment with Kayawalla healer Mario
·                     Complete healing therapies and ceremonies by Mario
·                     Power Amulets
·                     Contributions to indigenous communities we visit
·                     Taxes

What’s not included
The flight to and from La Paz. Any additional night and/or meal that is not in the program. Tips. Alcoholic beverages not in the program. Travel insurance

What to bring
·                     A large Backpack for trekking
·                     Cold Weather clothing for the Andes: Sweater, warm pants, gloves, scarf, trekking boots or comfortable hiking shoes.  If you wish you can arrive with very little of this type of clothing and buy all of it in La Paz, where great quality alpaca wool clothing is sold at a great price
·                     Hot weather clothing for the Amazon: Long sleeve cotton shirts and pants for mosquitoes, fast drying hiking shoes for the expeditions. Dor being vmbfortabel, shrts, no sleeve shirts, sandals.
·                     Warm sleeping bag if desired
·                     Canteen for water
·                     Personal flashlight and batteries
·                     Hat or cap for the sun
·                     Insect repellent
·                     Shades
·                     Personal hygiene necessities. Towel, swimsuit
·                     Personal first aid kit
·                     Money if you want to buy crafts and souvenirs. Otherwise you won’t need money throughout the trip.

All items can be bought in Bolivia in case you don’t have it or you forget.
Reservations & policies

If you have been contacted by a local sales person you may reserve with him/her

Otherwise reservations can be made by depositing 35% of the total value of the journey at the following account:
Account no. 002840465601058432    Bank: Banamex
Account owner: Claudia Rocío Banderas Rodríguez
The reservation is not refundable. The total amount of the Price must be deposited at latest 45 days before the departure date.
To contact and for any questions you can write to once you reserve you will be asked to write a motivational letter with a brief summary of your life and to provide your birthdate and birth time.

More contact Information:

Journey Guide and organizer:
Amauta Julián Katari
Local Phone: 52 228 8139093
Mobile Phone: 52 228 2124131

Other information on visiting Bolivia

Visa      Visa is required for U.S. Citizens. It can be requested at the nearest Bolivian consulate. Most of Europe and the rest of English speaking countries do not require visa. To see the list of countries that do not require visa check this page Bolivian consulate

Flights.  Most flights that arrive to La Paz do it through Lima, Peru. We recommend LAN airlines over TACA.

Vaccines and health.    Our recommendation is that you don’t vaccinate yourself for anything, and that you don’t take any type of preventive medicine like Malaria pills. These diseases are very rare, and many more dangerous health situations occur from the reactions to these medications than the diseases they supposedly prevent. At your arrival in La Paz, they may ask you if you're visiting tropical areas. We recommend you say no, that way they won't require any vaccinations. Otherwise, they may ask for a yellow fever vaccination certificate.